Retail blog series | How retailers can rebound from the Corona crisis

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In our 7th blog we talk with CEO’s about their response to the new normal, focusing on how they address and institutionalize the challenges and changes they are facing as a result of the corona crisis.

In our 6th blog we you can read three measures that are a starting point for retailers to initiate a collaborative response with suppliers to this Corona crisis.


In our 5th blog we elaborate on 3 elements that we see as crucial for becoming a customer intimacy frontrunner.


In our 4th blog you can read take take-aways of our conversation with a sector banker about future readiness, financial agility, creativity and cooperation in the supply chain with stakeholders. 


In our 3rd blog we address the opportunities and challenge online shopping implies for retailers, and how to respond both short-term and long-term


In our 2nd blog we listed five immediate imperatives for retailers in their battle against Corona, that simultaneously strengthen their future position.


In our first blog you can read a general introduction of the impact of the Corona crisis.